Business Process Outsourcing

Auxinosys Technologies leading outsourcing and managed services for business processes, applications, and infrastructure allows you to focus on your core business while driving innovation and efficiency. We offer you innovative options to combine process, people and technology that create real business value.
To remain competitive in the global economy, you need to concentrate on what made you successful in the first place – your core business. You can't afford to expend valuable time and energy managing transactions and non-core processes that could be handled by other specialists. Auxinosys can provide the strategy, solutions and services you need to solve your complex business issues, achieve results and maintain your competitive advantage. Combining more than 8 years of information technology (IT) management and business process outsourcing expertise with knowledge specific to your industry, we can provide business-focused solutions tailored to your specific strategic goals.
Outsourcing your business processes with Auxinosys can help your company address a range of needs by:
  • Achieving cost savings
  • Driving business model change
  • Achieving domain expertise
  • Enabling strategic transformation
Our outsourcing services include:
Back Office Services
With our back office services, we efficiently and accurately handle all the back office functions from invoicing, payroll, to all administration work.
Customer Contact
Auxinosys Technologies customer outsourcing services provides superior customer service and support for complex, high-value customer transactions that address select end-to-end industry processes in a multichannel environment.
Financial Services
Auxinosys Technologies finance and accounting services allows us to seamlessly deliver global solutions to your company anywhere in the world. Taking advantage of Auxinosys processes and economies of scale can save you from 30 percent to 40 percent on your finance and accounting costs. It also reduces opportunities for errors, increases operational visibility and provides the scalability needed for business growth.
IT Services
Covers everything from the desktop and mobile computing realm back to the data center servers. Our approach ensures your outsourced environment is managed securely, reliably and flexibly.
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