The search for innovative therapies has developed the Life Sciences industry into one of the fastest growing industries in the world. However, patent expiry, fast-paced competition, changing government regulation and policy, new and changing data, safety and compliance, pharmaceutical research and development  upgrades, and reporting standards create challenges that continue to be a cause of concern. Geographically dispersed locations or mergers and acquisitions leave companies with disparate systems which need to speak the same language. 
We at Auxinosys Technologies Analyze, Plan, Design, Implement, and Maintian an end to end pharmaceuticals solutions in BPR / Financial consolidation / Merger Management / Technology Identification / ERP Implementation / Middleware Implementation / Infrastructure Management / Retail Distribution Management / Pharmacy Stores Management / Portal Solutions on a global basis. We provide complete onsite/offshore support on a 24 hour basis, all at a competitive price.
Our flexible framework allows us to continually adapt to the changing scientific environment and methodologies.

Auxinosys Offers

  • Clinical KPO services covering the entire trial process including data management, biostatistics services, etc.
  • R&D solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies facilitating drug discovery and bioinformatics
  • Solutions for implementation, manufacturing operations management and ERP solutions for improved manufacturing and compliance
  • Superior business intelligence solutions, like ERP, CRM, SCM, and HRMS system packages.
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