Challenges are many, Challenges are fun, We stand together, second to none,

    We do our work with goals in sight, at first, all results may not be right,

    Mistakes may occur, we may not whine, our efforts someday will surely shine,

    Let’s pursue our dreams, the world needs a treat, efforts of our work will surely be sweet,

    It’s time to code; it’s time to fly, it’s time to finally rule the sky

Innovations at Auxinosys

The Research & Development cell of the company is busy living and playing in the future. Playing with emerging technologies in Computer Science, developing further on them and testing upon the use and relevancy are the prime verticals in this cell.
Right from exploring and implementing the possibilities of HTML 5 to the best graphics capable of rendering in a browser, from optimization in path planning with GPS guided location to the complex algorithms in any computation, from working on the next killer app on tablets and phones to the overall UI improvements in speed and functionality, from working on the fastest java script engines to the developing mechanisms of secure and scalable code irrespective of the language everything in and out is explored and worked upon form an pure engineering perspective.
In simple words the cells goes mad after exploring new technologies and deliver faster speed, improved functionality, better security and simplicity in all phases of computing and passionately pursues it.
The focus here is not just getting the right answer but also a better answer to the existing solutions. The best way to do it we believe is to try many ideas, increase the number ideas and speed of trying and learn in the process from every iteration over time. Statistics and algorithms play a vital role and we continue to develop and routinely monitor our efforts.
Complex languages, API‟s and programs, frameworks, middleware, protocols, web apps etc. are used, made, tested, and deployed day in and day out just to get that “better “answer for the “current “ time . And this creates a vision of how technology will be in the future.
The cell boosts of the best brains in their respective fields. No wonder this cell has led to the most efficient, unique and robust solutions and products Auxinosys has to offer.
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